Pine & Crane // Trademark and Branding 



Graphis New Talent 2021 // Silver // Trademark

AIGA Flux 2023 // Identity Finalist 


Elevate the image of Pine & Crane, a fast-casual eatery located in Los Angeles, California. Create a system that reflects the modern Asian style of their space while still keeping it casual. Pine & Crane offers the authenticity of traditional Eastern Asian cuisines without the high-end price.


Re-design the brand and interior space while still respecting Asian ideals, staying trendy, and relevant. Inspired by contemporary Asian style, the natural elements around us, and most importantly food; this rebrand connects the culture of East Asia to the traditional dishes served at Pine & Crane.








The symbolism of the red-crowned crane bird is of longevity, luck, and peace. Food plays an important role in cultural legacy, making the crane the perfect image of what food should embody. The balance of food, nature, and oneself are all tied together when it comes to understanding Asian cuisines. This balance brings powerful meaning behind each dish created and is pushed to be represented in the new design. 

While sticking to tradition in the content and significance of Asian culture, Pine & Crane also aims to invite all people to come and experience what makes them special through an open and inviting space that emanates the natural balance presented in the dishes that they serve.










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