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An eco-friendly approach to an everyday necessity, Spruce is making toilet paper sourced completely from bamboo while also keeping the integrity of traditionally made t.p. Spruce is a luxurious alternative for you, and more importantly, the planet. 


About 27,000 trees are cut down every day to produce toilet paper. Switching to an alternatively made toilet paper would be a huge step toward contributing to the well-being of the planet. Being conscious about where toilet paper comes from may not seem like a big deal, but with Spruce it can be fun, interesting, and friendly towards keeping the world green. 


Spruce is here to disrupt the market and stand out. To get people excited about bamboo-sourced toilet paper it needs to stand out from the rest. Bright, fun, and luxurious is what Spruce is all about.  Being openly available in stores as well as flexible in the way it can be purchased will help make bamboo-based toilet paper become the go-to toilet paper.



Spruce Is Different 

Existing bamboo-based toilet papers are not easily accessible in stores and sell primarily through online based subscription services. Spruce wants to make the switch from traditional toilet paper to bamboo fun and easy by being easily accessible in stores and completely customizable in quantity, all while staying sustainable. 

Spruce makes it easy for people to understand how it works. They urge you to use a reusable bag of your own to save the collapsable carriers for those who need it. The entire process is built around using as little new materials as possible.





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